World's most well-traveled man has been to 193 countries, and over a hundred more territories

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Don Parrish may be the world’s most well-traveled man. He’s already seen every country and territory on the globe, but he isn’t ready to pack his bags and head home just yet.

Parrish has become one of 23 people to have travelled to the 325 countries and territories (total) on the Travelers’ Century Club’s list, and that includes all 193 United Nations countries. In addition, he’s voyaged to more than 1,000 places on the Nomad Mania list, which keeps track of the accomplishments of the world’s most-traveled people.

The 73-year-old Parrish was also awarded the title of world’s most well-traveled man after a trip to Conway Reef, a small atoll 280 miles off the coast of Fiji, The Sun reports.

Pic by Caters News - (Pictured: Don Parrishs tribute to Steve Jobs at the South Pole in 2011..) -THE worlds most well-travelled man has been to an incredible 852 places across the globe - but still has 23 to go. Don Parrish was officially named as the number one in most travelled people back 2013 after reaching Conway Reef off Fiji. To get to the remote spot, which is around 450km away from the main islands, he chartered a boat along with another traveller. It certainly wasnt the first time Don had chartered a boat. In fact he has visited 60 islands by ship as that is the only way to get there. His incredible journey to Conway Reef is one of hundreds which have seen him visit all 26 cantons in Switzerland, all 16 states in Germany and all 85 political subdivisions in Russia over 13 visits. His trip to North Korea even made front page news as he was one of the first US tourists in the country for a number of years. SEE CATERS COPY.

Don Parrish paying tribute to the late Steve Jobs at the South Pole.



Since 1965, when Parrish’s passion for adventure was sparked, he’s made traveling his life’s ambition.

“I like to see the real place where things happened and I like making connections,” Parrish told The Sun of his travels.

Parrish also explained how he affords his trips — and it involves a lot of skimping and not saving.

“I live frugally – no smoking, no coffee, I drive old cars and I have spent my life savings.”

Gaining his title of world’s most well-travelled man has come at a cost, though. Parrish has eschewed relationships and children — which makes sense, as he sometimes sends himself to dangerous locations.

“In 2010 I visited Bossaso in Somalia. My travel agent refused to help me because he thought I would get kidnapped,” Parrish gives as one example to The Sun.


None of that deters Parrish, who still has over a dozen destinations he wants to see, including the Bounty Islands, the Scott Islands, the Paracel Islands, and Guantanamo Bay, The Sun reports.

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